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John Gotti Jr. Swears Vengeance On Mob Rats

Mafia madness is set to erupt as John Gotti Jr. has declared war on loose-lipped rats who weaseled their way into the witness protection program — only to continue their wicked ways!

In a candid, world exclusive interview, the reputed former Gambino family crime boss told Radar he plans to exact revenge on the marked men on his hit list — including “mutts” like Mob turncoat Sammy “The Bull” Gravano!

Squealer Gravano put John Gotti Sr. behind bars with his 1992 testimony before briefly going into hiding. Gotti Jr. has never forgotten how the killer turned on his dad, who died in prison in 2002.

“Being a good son, a loyal son in his death, is me picking up his sword, moving forward and defending him and his family,” 54-year-old Gotti Jr. told Radar.

However, Gotti Jr. confessed he’s adopted a “pen is mightier than the sword” approach to taking vengeance.

Since 2016, he’s been writing a book called “WITSEC Mafia,” which aims to expose the hardened criminals who dished to the feds, slipped into the Federal Witness Protection Program (also known as WITSEC) — and proceeded to commit more heinous crimes.

Gravano, for one, served a paltry five-year prison stint for turning on “The Dapper Don” — despite confessing to taking part in 19 cold-blooded killings!

But after he was sprung, Gravano co-authored the book “Underboss,” hired a publicist and even dealt drugs!

But Gotti Jr.’s resentment runs deeper than Gravano’s betrayal.

From 1987 to 2009, Gotti Jr. was indicted eight times on everything from assault to ordering murders, for which he could have received the death penalty. He stood trial six times — five times between 2005 and 2009 — but was never convicted.

“Over that period, the government burned through 17 U.S. attorneys and over 100 cooperating witnesses — many of them violent felons who, together, took part in over 100 murders and untold assaults, robberies and drug deals,” explained Gotti Jr.

“If people were to ask me if I have an ax to grind, I do. I do,” Gotti Jr. declared, specifically calling out ex-Gambino associate John Alite, the government’s star witness against him and John Gotti’s boyhood pal.

“Look, my crusade is not an attempt to trash the WITSEC Program,” he insisted.

“‘WITSEC Mafia’ is intended to expose the program’s flaws and how ruthless, street-savvy criminals have subverted it by capitalizing on the government’s gullibility.

“It’s also been corrupted by ambitious agents and prosecutors eager to make new cases at any cost.

“Think about it. How easy it is: These agents and prosecutors offer ruthless, immoral people who face, in a lot of cases, life sentences, a get-out-jail-free card — if only they’ll lie through their teeth and throw someone else under the bus.

“And, unfortunately, it’s become the standard operating procedure by which the government makes big cases.”

During his own brushes with the law, Gotti Jr. swore he would never “cooperate” with the feds because “I don’t have the right to do that to my sons.”

Gotti Jr. said of his kids, “I’ve always told them to walk with their heads up … I told them to be loyal to your friends, to be a stand-up guy.

“If you get caught short, then you take your weight like a man, like you’re supposed to — okay?

“And always, always be proud of your grandfather. That man walked it all the way to the gate!”

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