Colombia captures “Berna” or “El Manco” CJNG liaison to Colombia and ELN

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat material from El Debate and El Universal

The Counter narcotics
Directorate of the National Police of Colombia
the arrest of 
Millán Rascón 
alias border-box; color: #333333;”>‘Berna’ or ‘El Manco’, who is designated as a member of border-box; color: #333333;”>the Cartel Jalisco Nueva
Generacion and
allegedly responsible for buying drugs from organizations in southern Colombia

for export to the United States.

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The authorities
informed that the arrest occurred when the defendant intended to travel to
Mexico from the El Dorado International
arrest came after Interpol had “Red Flagged” ‘Berna’, whom Colombian
authorities described as a feared drug trafficker with powerful ties in
Interpol alert was broadcasted “when it was verified that cocaine
hydrochloride was entering the state of North Carolina, which was being sent in
the luggage of passengers.

to the authorities, ‘Berna’ served as the cartel’s liaison in Colombia as a
negotiator with the drug trafficking organizations in Cauca and Nariño, in the southern
region of Colombia.

stated that he had entered the South American territory on several occasions
through border crossings without leaving a trace in migration offices,  to avoid being
detected by Mexican authorities.
August, as part of investigations into the relationship between Mexican and
Colombian cartels, the Directorate revealed the nexuses of the Mexican drug
trafficker Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias “El Mencho” leader of
the CJNG, with the communist guerrillas, The Colombian Army of National Liberation
(ELN) for the smuggling of cocaine to Central America, Mexico and the United
Directorate confirmed that rebels of the ELN, the last Colombian insurgency, since
1964, charges money to guarantee the departure of cocaine shipments from
Colombia to the Mexican port of Manzanillo, Colima,  on the coast of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean.  For every kilo of cocaine, the ELN charged CJNG
about $ 70, he said.
The 52 year old is a
native of the state of Michoacán

The arrest
occurred when the defendant stopped at a cafe of the airport for a coffee.

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