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Emma causes courtroom drama as El Chapo trial continues

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

In opening statements,
El Chapo defense attorney Jeffery Lichtman described a cooperative witness as a
coke addict having a 4 gram a day cocaine habit that caused his “nose to fall
The man he was speaking
about, Miguel Ángel Martínez, took the stand Monday in the El Chapo trial. 
The court opened
without the jury for some legal housekeeping.  

Emma Cell Drama: The government and
Judge Cogan have gone to great measures assuring that Martinez’ likeness is not
for public consumption.  And no
electronic devices are to be used or in the courtroom except by attorneys.  The courtroom artist has been ordered to draw
the witness with a “blank face”.

However, the wife of El
Chapo, Emma Coronel seemed to defy that order yesterday.
 Emma was accused of having her mobile device
in the courtroom just before the secret cooperating witness was set to take the
stand against her husband.

Martinez was the former pilot of El Chapo, who was actually fired by Chapo for “being a bad pilot” after an aircraft malfunction. 

Martinez also had the job of maintaining contact with the Colombian cartels.  

“It was one of the biggest hurricanes that ever formed in the Pacific” It capsized the boat,” he said. “We never
heard from them again.
He said Guzmán was
“very worried” and sent four jets in search of the lost boat, which was never
He testified about
payoffs. Some to Guillermo González Calderoni, [at left] the former chief of PGR in
Mexico City who was assassinated in 2003 [in McAllen Texas].  “Guillermo was his friend.  He was sent, on about two or three occasions,
about $10 million each time.”
The money was sent on
Guzmán’s planes and after the chief was paid, ,
González would provide
intelligence,  and let the cartel operate
in peace, he said.
says he escaped death twice

Once, in 1998, after
his arrest, a group of his would-be killers,  stabbed him repeatedly in prison. Shortly
after that murder attempt, he says, someone threw two hand grenades into his
cell. Martinez says he avoided death by hiding behind the toilet bowl in his
He says he last saw El
Chapo in 1994 in a Mexican prison.

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