Texas Teen Shoots Self in Foot With Stolen AK-47: Cops


A teen was hospitalized, then charged after she ended up shooting herself in the foot with a stolen firearm, Texas police say. Cops say they responded to a shooting call in Harris County and found two females, 17, and a 16-year-old male at the scene, per ABC News. A Facebook post from the Harris County Constable Precinct 4 office says an AK-47 “accidentally discharged” while one of the girls was handling it. Cops say the gun, which was found to be stolen in a home burglary hours earlier, went off when she tried shoving it down her pant leg, shooting herself in the foot, per KTRK. “She remained conscious the entire time, she kept thrashing back and forth … she was screaming in pain,” a witness says.

Still, based on the AK-47’s power, a neighbor says the suspect is fortunate. “She’s very lucky … with that type of weapon, [her injuries] would have been massive,” he says. The shooting victim, who was charged with burglary and unlawful carrying of a weapon, was said to be in critical condition as of Tuesday evening. The male teen was also charged, with burglary and tampering with evidence. The evidence-tampering charge came about because the AK-47 had been tossed down a storm drain after the gun went off, Constable Mark Herman says, adding that his team is investigating what role the third teen in the group played, and whether she’ll also face charges. (Read more Texas stories.)

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