Gary Lykins of Fort Worth, Texas, Accused of Shooting Wife’s Laptop


A Texas man who made a solemn vow to stay with his wife for better or for worse apparently didn’t take into account that she might one day blast loud music from her laptop, and that he wouldn’t like it. The Star-Telegram reports that 44-year-old Gary Lykins holed himself up in his Forth Worth home around 2am Saturday, after he allegedly got sick of hearing his wife’s music, pulled out a firearm, and shot up the laptop it was coming from. Sixteen police units converged on the house over four hours, until Lykins’ eventual arrest on charges of deadly conduct, a third-degree felony, per the Dallas Morning News. He was said to have had “access to several firearms” while he was barricaded inside, but he surrendered apparently without incident. Lykins’ wife suffered minor injuries from the pieces of her computer as it was blown to pieces. (Read more weird crimes stories.)

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