Ashley Keister Arrested for Allegedly Harassing Cop

There are plenty of ways to meet a possible love interest. Getting arrested isn’t the best method. Pennsylvania woman Ashley Keister was arrested early Monday morning after she allegedly broke into the West Wyoming Borough Building to find a cop who she had been accused of sexually harassing, according to WNEP.

Officers say she’s the woman seen on surveillance video smashing the glass door using a cigarette butt holder. The individual broke in, and stalked the halls. Cops said they confronted her, and arrested Keister after she tried to hit them.

The building houses several city agencies, including the police department. Keister was arrested on multiple charges, including aggravated assault. It’s unclear if she has an attorney.

West Wyoming Police Chief Curt Nocera said the woman had been trying to get at an officer who arrested her last May. Thing is, she had been sending the cop drawings and called 911 to speak with him, according to police. Nocera said she would send “upwards of 20-plus messages a day.” He said he had her sign a promise to stop contacting this officer.

That apparently didn’t work. Keister allegedly called 911 again just hours later, and said she was going to the Borough Building to find the cop.

“She then entered the building, rummaged through the filing cabinets out in the borough building, tried to gain entry again by trying to kick the door in from the borough side into the police department,” the chief said. He said they would have to enhance security from here on out and ensure people can’t do something similar in the future and “get to first responders.” [Image via WNEP screengrab]

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