Family Goes Missing; Four Years Later, Their Remains Are Found


#1 Lost in the Woods

Some people believe the Jamisons’ deaths are an unfortunate case of dying from exposure after getting lost in the woods. However, a lot of the evidence doesn’t line up with this theory.

Not only do authorities believe they were forced out of the truck, but the Jamisons also left everything in their vehicle — including a GPS and cellphone, which is not something most people would leave behind before going into the woods for a walk. 
Reportedly, Bobby would get back pain while walking around his house, making it unlikely that he would go on a three-mile walk.

Family members are also adamant the Madyson would never leave Maisy behind and that for them not to take their dog while wandering through the woods is unusual.

Moreover, experts don’t believe the downfall on the day they went missing was enough to kill three people and the temperature was merely 40º degrees.

#2 Drugs

During the investigation, some of the Jamisons’ acquaintances claimed Bobby and Sherilyn were meth users.

To corroborate this theory, authorities found a bizarre video of the couple on their video surveillance system from the day they went missing. Bobby and Sherilyn are shown to be in a trance-like state packing their pickup truck. They appear to not be talking, but stop and stare at each other various times.

Interestingly, Sherilyn is seen putting a brown briefcase in the truck — this briefcase has never been found. Authorities believe it contained a large amount of money.

Despite all this, authorities found no evidence of either Bobby or Sherilyn taking or dealing any kind of drugs.

However, it has also been speculated, since the area was known for drugs, that the family accidentally witnessed a drug deal and were killed.

#3 Double murdersuicide

A detective working on the case characterized the family as “obsessed with death.

In the abandoned pickup truck, authorities discovered an 11-page “hate letter” written by Sherilyn addressed to Bobby. Another letter that mentions death was found at their Eufaula home. It is speculated that one of the adult Jamisons shot the other and her/his daughter, then committed suicide.

Given that the coroner found a hole in Bobby’s skull, it seems most likely that Sherilyn was the one to shoot her family. She also owned a 22. caliber pistol that she kept under the driver’s seat —the gun has never been found.

It has also been pondered that the family committed group suicide.

#4 Murder

One of the first suspects was Kenneth Bellows. Bellows had lived with the Jamisons months before they went missing and was quickly ruled a suspect due to having a motive.

While at the house, he offended Sherilyn by speaking badly about Indian people, claiming white people were superior. Sherilyn did not take this well, as she had Indian blood. She threatened Bellows by pointing her gun at him and forcing him to leave their home. Bellows was investigated but was soon cleared.

Niki Shenold, a family friend, believes the Jamisons may have upset someone in the mountains. Apparently, Sherilyn had written love and peace messages over satanic worshipping ones on a car wreck, near the place they went missing, used for shooting practice.

Car wreck / Daily Mail

Another murder scenario is that Bobby’s father, Bobby Dean, killed the family. Bobby Dean’s brother does not believe he is guilty, as he was sick at the time and always in a hospital or a rest home. Plus, authorities could not find any connection.

However, some people think the father may have hired someone to kill the family, as it was rumored he had connections to the Mexican Mafia.

#5 Religious Cult

Sherilyn’s mother, Connie Kokotan, still believes the family was murdered by a religious cult.

Interestingly, Niki Shenold received an anonymous call from a woman claiming to have seen Sherilyn’s name on a cult’s hit list — the United White Knights, a Southeast Oklahoma cult.

#6 Still Alive

After years of investigation, widespread media coverage, and numerous people interviewed by authorities, there are some theorists that are not convinced the family is dead.

Some speculate that Bobby, Sherilyn, and Madyson are now apart of the US Federal Witness Protection Program.

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