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Where Did Stone Get Amy Berman Jackson Photo?

An image that was posted on Roger Stone‘s Instagram account earlier Monday that Stone said was a “random” photo from the internet happens to have been used on pro-Russian websites.

Stone, in case you missed it, shared and then deleted following image of Judge Amy Berman Jackson today:

At first glance, all you can really see clearly in the image is the crosshairs. When you do a quick reverse Google image search the photo leads to websites likeRussia News Now” and “Americans for Innovation.”

Russia News Now’s mission statement is pretty… interesting:

Therussophile.org is an aggregator of news about Russia from alternative sources. We also aim to cover news from neighboring countries and countries connected with Russian interests, like Syria, China, Iran etc. We want this site to be the main location for you anyone who wants hourly updated reports from alternative news sources but don’t have the time or wish to search all over the Internet for such news.

If you feel for contributing to the existence of this site, you can do so by clicking the button below. Please note that the amount you enter is in Russian Rubles.

The full image of Judge Jackson shown on the website looks this way:

As you can see, next the crosshairs are the words “corruption central” and Jackson is presented as a person doing the dirty work for Hillary Clinton and The Clinton Foundation. In the upper right corner of the image is a gas mask icon and the words “toxic attorney.”

At the very top of the page on which this photo is pictured is a YouTube video titled “We’ve nailed Hillary and Mueller in the act!! UNBELIEVABLE.”

Jackson wasn’t the only figure on the website with a photo edited in this way, apparently for the express purpose of promoting propaganda. Nor was it the only website doing so, and all of these show that the image was featured in articles published as recently as Feb. 2019. [Image via Mark Wilson/Getty Images]

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