Lies New Zealand’s Media and Other Rags Who Followed Them Have Uttered About The Kiwi Farms

Note: I’m a member of the Kiwi Farm forums and thus I may have a bias for them, feel free to verify my claims by going to them and checking the facts for yourself. If you are a citizen of New Zealand, use Tor or a VPN to do so, your own government will otherwise imprison you for trying to get the truth and has put pressure on various New Zealand ISPs (either overtly or covertly) to block that site in their country to suppress this information.

In the wake of the Christchurch massacre by that terrorist scumbag Brenton Tarrant, New Zealand decided the best way to protect their citizens was to punish them for looking at video footage the killer made of his own murders, threatening up to over a decade in prison for possessing, watching, or sharing the footage in question.

The footage is something they have tried, in vain, to expunge from the internet, but Joshua “Null” Moon of the Kiwi Farms (a site with no affiliation to New Zealand, the name is a reference to the former CWC Forums that preceded them) decided (since he is an American citizen and the right of the public to know is more valuable to him than their desire to fruitlessly bury said footage) to host a direct download of the content they were trying to bury, initially hosting a direct download of the footage, and when that caused the site to nearly die from the traffic, he uploaded a torrent of the footage for reasons of bandwidth and to make sharing it easier.

The New Zealand police chose to then try to get Null to hand over information on his users, especially related to any New Zealand citizens who were members, ostensibly to make sure any information pertinent to the attacks was retained, but really it was a fishing expedition with no legal basis under the laws in force where the Kiwi Farms servers are hosted to violate the privacy of his users so they could use said information to to make criminals of their own citizens for seeking information they decided their citizens should remain ignorant of.

Here are copies of the original communications (from the below):

Email sent to Null on the Kiwi Farms.
Null’s response to the email.
Response to Null’s response.

As the above show, Null refused to comply for the following reasons:

  1. He was the one who reproduced both the manifesto of the killer and the video footage originally livestreamed by the killer on Facebook (which Null saved a copy of before Facebook took it down). As an American citizen, Null’s right to do so was and remain legal and thus he is beyond the jurisdiction of their law in regards to having to remove it or take it down.
  2. The New Zealand police asked, without any legal grounding (via a lawful court order) Null to hand over information pertaining to his users who posted about the attacks for any reason. There is no proof Tarrant was a member of the Kiwi Farms (and if he was, Null had no knowledge who he might have posted under the alias of, therefore the NZ police cannot say they wanted anything Tarrant posted since even they don’t know it he actually posted ANYTHING there, all they know for sure is that Null reproduced the manifesto of the killer and video footage of their murders for distribution on his site). Further, note how they wanted user information. They could only desire this information if they wanted to punish New Zealand citizens for any posting about the incident in question on a site rehosting and distributing the footage they wanted to make illegal in their country but which is not illegal on the servers in the country of origin of the Kiwi Farms (the United States, to be exact).
  3. Very stupidly, the POLICE are asking Null what legal processes they need to go through and are basically asking, without any force of law Null is legally obligate to comply with, for him to secure information they have no legal authority to since the Kiwi Farms are not hosted in New Zealand’s legal jurisdiction.
  4. Ergo, all the above stated, Null flatly refused to cooperate with them unless they sent him a lawful order via the address provided for legitimate legal documents.

These are the FACTS of the situation.

Now let’s get on to the subsequent lies published about the Farms.

There are several libelous news stories that were published after this claiming all manner of blatant falsehoods (all all Null could easily sue for libel over and win), here’s one of the first libelous article written, which I shall examine:

(Article in italics, my comments in bold.)

The American operator of a controversial website has smacked down a request by New Zealand police to hand over data linked to posts and video links that appeared on the site as the Christchurch terrorist attack unfolded.

So far, so good, this is basically true.

In an obscenity-laden email, Kiwi Farms founder Joshua Moon dismissed the plea by Detective Senior Sergeant John Michael as “a joke”, labelling New Zealand “a small, irrelevant island nation” and “s***hole country”.

Okay, still mostly true, though it was a very polite request, not a plea, but whatever, semantics, still in the realm of truth more or less.

Moon is a former administrator of 8chan, the online message board where Brenton Tarrant posted details of his sick plan, along with a 73-page manifesto, hours before allegedly carrying out New Zealand’s deadliest terrorist attack.

Okay, still in the realm of truth.

Kiwi Farms, 8chan and a third online message board called Voat are popular with incels (involuntary celibates), an online subculture of men who claim they are unable to find sexual or romantic partners.

Now the lies start. Incels are MOCKED on the farms, they even have a thread for mocking them here:

It is true there are incels who have posted on all 3 sites, but that is the only truth in this. Most incels despise the Kiwi Farms because they’ve been made fun of there, and the incels who have posted on the Farms generally did so in angry retaliation for getting made fun of. Anyone who gave the Farms a cursory reading to verify facts would have seen this is true, but the author of this libelous nonsense did not do so.

Australian national Tarrant, 28, is in custody on murder charges after the massacre of 50 worshippers at two Christchurch mosques, which left 50 dead and dozens more wounded.

Moon — an alt-right, anti-feminist, pro-white Trump supporter who claims he set up Kiwi Farms for the “gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes” — published the exchange with Detective Michael without bothering to hide the officer’s email address.

More lies. Joshua Moon has certainly expressed some right leaning views, I can verify that, but the “alt-right” is a stretch, otherwise he’d not allow them to get mocked like anyone else on the Kiwi Farms, like can be seen here:

And this is just community threads, many individuals who indentify as this have threads mocking them too.

As for anti-feminist, he’s not a feminist to my knowledge, and while there is threads for mocking them, anti-feminists are also ridiculed. Pro-white is something of a snarl word and certainty disingenuous. Besides, white supremacists are allowed to be ridiculed like anyone else. As for Trump supporter, to a degree, that’s true, but, yet again, rabid Trump fans are allowed to be mocked as well, and none of the things he’s alleged to be are illegal to be even if they are completely true about him.

As for the quoted comment about his site, that is accurate, and there is NOTHING illegal about doing so under US law. It’s not nice at all, but it’s legal to do so.

As for publishing the exchange, again, no laws were broken in doing so where the Farms are hosted, this is a foolish thing to complain about.

(skipping recap of the messages between Null and Detective Michael)

Moon followed up with another email abusing New Zealand authorities for their efforts to remove footage of the rampage, which was livestreamed by Tarrant and has been circulating online ever since.

Facebook says it has removed more than 1.5 million videos from the social media platform but uncensored footage continues to be reskinned and shared on Kiwi Farms, 8chan and another message board called Voat.

That’s despite a warning from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern that anyone caught downloading or distributing such material — especially the killer’s 17 minute bodycam footage — faces up to 10 years jail.

Mostly true, but the complaint about “abusing” NZ authorities is just whining, he broke no laws telling them off like he did where his servers are hosted.

New Zealand police verified the authenticity of the email exchange in a statement to

“I can confirm New Zealand Police made contact with the website as part of the ongoing investigation into the Christchurch terror attacks,” a spokeswoman said.

Okay, all true, moving on.

Before he founded Kiwi Farms, Moon was sacked as an administrator for 8chan for allegedly promoting paedophilia. He is notorious for his online stalking and harassment campaigns, which have featured threats to “rape, murder and dismember” his mainly female victims.

In 2016, Moon was linked to a series of online threats to harm children in Florida, where he shares a home with his mother, forcing dozens of schools into lockdown.

Okay, this is chock full of lies and unsourced bullshit, cribbed from here:

(Note: This site is also blocked in New Zealand)

First off, Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical website that is willing to put lies and truth up without any guarantee of accuracy, and they even warn you only an idiot would take them at face value. For an actual news organization to cite this place as FACT is beyond incompetent and unethical.

However, let’s dissect the lies a little more.

  1. He was sacked from 8chan over problems regarding his services in attempts to upgrade and maintain the site, not for any pedophilia.
  2. He has never provably (as in, legally) been connected to any stalking or harassment. In fact, his website contains stern warnings NOT to engage in such activities, which members defy at the risk of being banned and mocked as well.

(end of article)

Basically, this libelous nonsense (and it’s numerous copycats, which have only embellished things with further lies, like saying Tarrant posted on the Kiwi Farms without any proof he actually did so) is utterly full of it and is libeling a man who is ACTUALLY guilty of the following.

  1. Doing activities that are not illegal where his servers are hosted.
  2. Telling the New Zealand authorities to either give him something that passes legal muster as to why he should cooperate, otherwise he flatly refuses to do so, and has said so rather crassly, which is mean, but not illegal.
  3. He HAS deliberately made it to where he will retain no data on his users on purpose, as he will not sell out any New Zealand users of his forums to their country for acts illegal under their law but not under the laws where his servers reside. Legally, all this means is that while New Zealand authorities can punish any citizen who they can prove on their own hook have visited the site (as it is blocked in their country due to Null’s refusal to not share the video footage the NZ authorities want to suppress), they cannot legally compel him to help them without evidence of provable wrongdoing. This is not illegal for him to do, at least according to the laws where his servers are hosted, and all the NZ authorities can do at this point is complain.
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