“El Ray” CJNG Capo Narrowly Escapes Capture or Death

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Morelos state authorities (CES) point out that the target of the shootout inside a restaurant in Cuautla, registered last Saturday, was Raymundo Isidro Castro Salgado “El Ray”, leader in the area of ​​the Nueva Generacion Jalisco cartel (CJNG).

CGNG Plaza leader in eastern Morelos, “El Ray” is thought to have been present in armed attack:

By: David Monroy
Cuernavaca, Moelias:  The State Security Commissioner, José Ortíz Guarneros, revealed on Tuesday that before and during the armed attack in the rustic restaurant “Los Estanques”, of which five people were killed and ten more were wounded, Raymundo was present Isidro Castro Salgado “El Ray”, identified by the authorities as the head of the criminal network dedicated to kidnapping, extortion and the transfer of drugs in the eastern area of ​​Morelos.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the head of state security indicated that Castro Salgado could have been the apex of the shooting, however, it is still necessary to delve further into the investigation to know if he was a client, if he was with the group aggressor or the one attacked was him.

According to official reports, “El Ray” met with two doctors and their families at the restaurant in the outdoor area of ​​”Los Estanques”, when the gunmen suddenly arrived and began firing.

Between the dead and 10 more wounded, 2 minors died in the place. The victims were daughters of doctors who were at the meeting with “El Ray”.

At the press conference, the official affirmed that “El Ray” managed to fight the aggression, after his escorts covered him.”We do not know where he went, we have clues, but we do know for sure %100 that he was here, and we believe “El Ray” was the target of the attack, stressed the Mexican Marine.

Meanwhile, the Attorney General of Morelos, Uriel Carmona Gándara noted that the shots that the families received, did not derive from a direct attack against them, as I had suggested on Monday, the same State security commissioner, José Ortíz Guarneros, because there are already sufficient indications to determine that the aggression was aimed at other people who fled the place located in the municipality of Cuautla, specifically in the community of El Hospital.

The Prosecutor added that two individuals have been identified as allegedly responsible for the shooting , in which eight people are presumed to have participated.

Carmona explained that a judge has already been asked for the corresponding arrest warrants and an investigative folder was opened for the crimes of homicide and injuries.

He specified that the assailants were traveling aboard a Suburban-type truck and a Sentra-type vehicle, and that in total, five 380-caliber, 38-super, and 9-millimeter short-barreled weapons were operated, as well as a long weapon .

The research data says that “in addition to these families, there were other people in the same place. They opened fire on the group of people in the back leaving a couple of adults and two girls without life, after the assault the perpetrators returned by the same side accesses, firing firearms and boarding the vehicles again, ” he said. 

The official explained that the investigation also states that the aggressor group arrived at the restaurant aboard two vehicles: a Suburban and a Nisan Sentra. From them, at least four men went down each, and as they moved towards the back of the restaurant where the families were sitting, they advanced along the flanks of the restaurant to reach the back. There they opened fire  killing Felipe de Jesus “N” of 24 years; Amalia “N” and two girls of nine and 10 years old; Ten more people were injured, including the youngest who lost his life yesterday at noon.

“El Ray”:

Raymundo Isidro Castro Salgado, allegedly head of the CJNG in the eastern area of ​​the state of Morelos, has been one of the most sought after criminal targets by state authorities. Already in 2018 the then commissioner of Security, Alberto Capella Ibarra had indicated that Castro Salgado was at the level of priority that the presumed leader of “Los Rojos”, Santiago Mazari Miranda.

Capella reported – at the time – that since 2010 “El Ray” would operate in Morelos under the spur of “Guerrero Unidos”. Some time later he disappeared, for which reason why he left his people in charge of several regions of the south zone. The inquiries that Capella referred to indicate that “El Ray” had married a woman of foreign origin and had returned to the eastern area of ​​the state of Morelos, but now with the representation of the CJNG.

Much of the information available to the authority, said Capella in a press conference at C5, derived from statements obtained after the arrest of ten men close to Castro Salgado, after the murder of the agrarian leader, Romualdo Ixpango Merino in 2018 , who 48 hours earlier had announced the creation of self-defense groups in the eastern area of ​​the state of Morelos to confront organized crime networks.

The body of Romualdo Ixpango was found in the community of El Hospital, the same area where the restaurant where the attack last Sunday was perpetrated.

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