Missing Persons of AmericaCoordinates to “the body” found on a desk at a Second Hand store

A message written under a desk with the coordinates to the location of a body was found in a Second Hand store.

Kris, posted on the Facebook page “Weird Second Hand Finds that Just Need to be Shared” a photo of a desk with a message. The post reads: “Found in and under a drawer of a donated desk. EDIT: It was donated to the store I work at a few months ago. Pics were taken but I don’t know if anyone followed through with a report. it was sold later that day.”

The numbers written on the bottom of the drawer seem to be map coordinates.

One message says, “The truth is under” and the second message says, “The body lies at 27.609060, -81.206876.”

The post had an equal amounts concerned people and jokes and memes that are wondering if the message is real and there really is a body buried.

Near an air force base in Florida

The location of the coordinates appears to be in near the Kissimmee River and the Avon Park Air Force Base. Avon Park Air Force Range is a 106,000 acre military training facility located in Polk and Highlands Counties run by the Fish and Wildlife.

Star of David formations
The odd formations are the Star of David, formations are replica missile silos
the circular formations are bomb targets, the deep lines are strafing runs.

It wasn’t long till a Reddit group began talking about it under r/truecrime under a subreddit called r/body.

Many people are so concerned that this is a very real message and it needs to be checked out by the authorities that they have called the Polk County Sheriff’s Dept.

"Avon Park is now up to four active duty personnel, including range commander Lt. Col. Paul Neidhardt. The range has 100 civilian and contractor employees who handle everything from janitorial work to coordinating air strikes for units training. A number of them work at its airfield fire department, which is staffed 24/7."

According to MDMalkin on Reddit, the biggest concern for authorities and anyone that would even think of attempting to check out the validity of the message is safety as the area is a live bombing range. Walking into the area will not be simple, if it can even be done. Which brings up a thought. Who would have been able to bury a body in the middle of a live bombing range?

At this time we don’t even know how old the message on the desk is. Was it put there 50 years ago or 15 years ago? Did someone go missing from there back during the late 60s or 70s? Then there was a time back in 2008 when there was only one active duty person at Avon Park, which would probably make access to the area easy. Also, research shows that around 100 people have died in major crashes either at Avon Park or to and from it over the decades. Is it possible that 1 or more of those 100 people were never found, and are still there, and that is what the message is about? That “the body” was never recovered?

Things have calmed down this afternoon after the police were brought in and most are anticipating an explanation in the next couple of days.

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