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Australia’s Mafia Versus A Celebrity Muslim Refugee Doctor

Sex shops play a big part in this story for good reason.

They are, in effect, the last remnants of a bygone era.

Which goes someway to explaining how Dr Al Muderis got his name plastered above the premises of The Pleasure Den.

In 2014 the NSW conservative government, which has a well earned reputation for corporate cronyism, passed the so-called “lockout laws”. These laws meant clubs could not admit anyone after 1.30am, costs hundreds of jobs and spelt the death knell of Sydney’s once colourful inner-city nightlife.

The government claimed the laws were to prevent alcohol fuelled violence. Few believed it.

Cynics, including Gerardo and Ibrahim, all believe the laws were about another Sydney obsession altogether, real estate.

With bars, clubs closed and bohemian characters swept from the streets, the value of real estate in inner-Sydney soared.

Ibrahim told the author:

I am retired. I want to stay that way. I have had my day. It is over.

Kings Cross was finished the day they brought in the 1.30 lockouts. The Cross will never be the same again. A page of time has finished.

Ironically the lockout laws have benefited the sex shops. Punters out for a night on the town find themselves with nowhere to go, and hence the traffic of the shops has increased.

Police raiding The Pleasure Den. Courtesy of The Daily Telegraph.

In 2017, Gerardo woke to the unpleasant news that The Pleasure Den, which is literally in the centre of the red light district, was being raided.

A former town planner with the Sydney City Council as well as a lawyer are on a 24-hour retainer for just such an eventuality.

Believing the raid to be part of a vendetta against him, the news desk at leading Sydney tabloid The Daily Telegraph was promptly contacted.

The city’s sex shops had not been raided for some years, and the paper dispatched a photographer to the unfolding scene.

Who actually owns Sydney’s sex shops, these remnants of a tatty, licentious, underworld past, is of course entirely a matter of conjecture.

On his website Mr Mazzella says the newspaper mistakenly reported him as the owner of The Pleasure Den, information which was rapidly corrected.

But it was enough for Dr Muderis’s receivers to move in, carting away hundreds of sex toys.

The joke became: what on Earth is the good Muslim doctor going to do with a giant double ended purple rubber dildo? Who exactly is he going to sell it to?

Gerardo’s website records:

It should be noted that Gerardo was an employee of these shops and does not depend on there income, nor was he ever the owner of them. They are meaningless to him.

The receivers took small amount of retail sex toys in an attempt to recoup $480 000 that is owed to Dr Al Muderis for the alleged defamation caused by Gerardo Mazzella who clearly has nothing better to do then torment this poor Doctor???

The reality is that nobody would run a website for eight years if they had not felt like they had been wronged, moreover if they had not had numerous emails and or telephone calls from other patients who all so feel they have been wronged.

There is clear evidence i.e multiple medical reports relating to the damage Gerardo alleges to have suffered. It is the opinion of other Australian Doctors that in relation to Gerardo’s Surgery Dr Al Muderis was negligent. These reports are on this website.

It has been a long fight for Justice but most have an obligation as a human being and or a child of “God”, whichever way you want to say it, to stand up and be a voice for the weaker , sick and those who suffer pain and damage as a result of alleged sub standard surgery.

It should be noted to sell such a small amount of sex toys would yield very little money, if any at all.

This Doctor is clearly mistaken and his efforts are fruitless, in the meantime we will continue to meet and locate others who are not pleased or feel they have suffered while under the knife with Doctor Al Muderis.


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