A British Crime Thriller By Will Patching PDF Download

Mutilated: A British Crime Thriller By Will Patching
Release Date: 2016–12–11
Genre: Crime & Thrillers
Size: 906.72 KB

Read Online Mutilated: A British Crime Thriller By Will Patching, Mutilated: A British Crime Thriller By Will Patching PDF Free Download
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Synopsis: Mutilated is the second ‘stand alone’ novel in this dark, gritty, British Crime Thriller trilogy. A mix of psychological chills combined with murder, mystery and mayhem, containing fascinating characters and an intricate plot — with plenty of twists and turns.

In brief:

A serial killer challenges forensic psychiatrist, Doctor Colin Powers, to solve several cold case mutilation murders, while DI Jack Carver investigates a newly dismembered victim
Is it a coincidence?
Can a criminal psychopath somehow be involved — despite having been incarcerated for two decades?
And where is Doc’s lover, who disappeared months before..?

From Reading Experience Blogspot:

‘If you like your books well-written, suspenseful, with characters you can relate to, if you love horror that feels real and have a heart for people who are beyond the bounds of the social norm you need to read Mutilated.’

Like Remorseless, Mutilated is a gripping read to get your teeth into, with an intricate plot and complex characters. Plenty of action, suspense and intrigue for any lover of unsettling crime thrillers. This serial killer tale is not for the faint-hearted — nor will it suit those who like their thrills short and sweet: Mutilated is a full length novel of approximately 127,000 words.

It is not essential to have read Remorseless, the first investigation in this trilogy involving Detective Inspector Jack Carver and criminal profiler Doc Powers, as there are only relatively minor spoilers regarding that story in Mutilated. But be warned — this unique British crime thriller series will take you deep into the minds of psychopathic criminals — and won’t leave you untouched by the experience.

‘Patching writes brutal, fascinating and chilling stories for thoughtful readers keen to gain insights into the darker side of the human condition.’

From the back cover of the paperback edition:

A sadistic killer sends a disturbing letter to Broadmoor hospital for the criminally insane, challenging forensic psychiatrist, Doctor Colin Powers, to investigate several unsolved mutilation murders committed over the last decade.

The same morning, Detective Inspector Jack Carver of London’s Metropolitan Police is appointed lead detective when a dismembered victim is found hanging from a tree on Clapham Common.

Neither Doc nor Jack believe in coincidences…

What has this psychopath, nicknamed ‘The Surgeon’ by Jack’s team, got to do with Doc’s past, and how can one of Broadmoor’s most vicious patients be involved — despite being locked up for over twenty years?

And more importantly to Doc, where is his lover, Judy Finch, who went missing several months beforehand..?

Readers who love this author’s style also enjoyed books by:

James Patterson, Lee Child, Mo Hayder, Alex Karva, Dean Kootz, Jeffrey Deaver, Stuart MacBride, Val McDermid, Quentin Jardine, Stephen Booth, Peter Robinson, Minette Walters, and Brett Easton Ellis. Readers have also favourably compared Will Patching’s Remorseless to Iain Banks’ Wasp Factory, Misery by Stephen King, and the Hannibal Lecter novels by Thomas Harris.

If these authors appeal then you may well enjoy this latest rivetting crime thriller from Will Patching too.

‘Patching goes where other authors fear to tread…’ Top Independent Reviewer

The dark, spine-chilling first book in this series, Remorseless, has been described by independent 5 star reviewers as ‘British crime thriller writing at its best’, ‘Right up there with James Patterson and Stephen King’, and ‘…up there with Stuart MacBride and Val McDermid’.

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