Armed sicarios in Tonichi, Sonora

A video started circulating on WhatsApp this week. The video shows a dismounted convoy of armed sicarios standing around haphazardly on the purportedly Yecora bridge that overlooks the Yaqui River (Rio Yaqui in Spanish). The bridge is on the Carretera Hermosillo-Yecora near a junction close to the town of Tonichi. Tonichi is a town in the Soyopa Municipality, in the eastern region of the Mexican state of Sonora. 

The video is 29 seconds long and safe for everyone to see. No murder, torture, or violence takes place. My surmise here would be that the person recording the video is facing the river at a slightly northwestern direction. This is based on the flow of the river and a quick look at geographical maps of the area. So, based on what I’m seeing I’m going to say that the town of Tonichi lies nearby in the direction that the trucks are facing. I’m seeing a total of 10 trucks max spanning the length of the bridge. And if we hypothetically do the math and say that each vehicle holds 12 sicarios each. Then that amounts to a company size of over 100 armed men. The numbers could be a bit off, give or take. So, let’s always keep in mind that margin of error. These men are obviously patrolling. Or as the Spanish saying goes: Cuidando el terreno (Protecting the terrain).The name of the corrido that plays throughout the video is called Javier Diaz. I’ve added the YouTube video to the artist El Plebe Guerrero for anyone who’s interested. Not much else is known about the video. At this point it’s unknown which group this could be. Rumors online are saying that this is Gente Nueva. Anyways, this is my assessment of this video. 

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