How Menchito was captured and his father’s warning against partying

Char for Borderland Beat from Reforma and Diario

scolded his son; Menchito reported that on his last meeting with his father, his
father scolded him, demanded that he no longer attend parties because he had
become very visible to the authorities

Federal District- The
surveillance of a telephone booth and the tracking with geolocation systems of
two cellular numbers by the PGR, were key to capture Rubén Oseguera González
“El Menchito” or “El Junior”, presumed number two of the Cartel
Jalisco New Generation.
Aircraft the Army and
the Navy sent from Mexico City units of Special Forces, with land vehicles
included, in the most absolute secrecy, to prevent leaks and ensure the success
of the operation, officials of the Federal Government said.

The Secretariat of
National Defense maintained a follow-up to a series of telephone numbers
related to the CJNG’s commands since last year and one of them received a call
from a public telephone number in Colonia Jardines Universidad de Zapopan.
According to investigators,
the Army asked the Criminal Investigation Agency of the PGR to monitor the
telephone booth and two cell phone numbers; at the same time, undercover agents
began to loiter around the booth.
At 3:30 the following
day, the Special Forces elements entered the residence in which the son of
Rubén or Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes “El Mencho”, sheltered by two of
his bodyguards, was sleeping.
At the sound of the
doors, “El Menchito” or “El Junior” jumped out of bed, ran
to the patio and climbed up a fence, managing to jump to a neighboring house.
His two gunmen did not have the same reaction  and were detained in the residence, without
The military followed
the 23-year-old, who had no chance of escape and gave up, being cornered in the
corner of the garden, squatting, arms scraped.
Simultaneously two
subjects ran out of another house on the same street.  They were identified as other members of Menchito’s
escorts. They rented a property separately.
Before his ministerial
declaration, the Army and the AIC interrogated “El Menchito” and told
them that he sold a ton of marijuana a month, at a price of 5 or 6 thousand
pesos per kilo, that is, 12 tons per year at a cost that goes from 60 to 72
million pesos.
When they asked who it was
sold to, he replied “to whoever buys it”; commented that he has seen
or knows cocaine, but denied being an intermediary or seller of it.
He had more than 16
million pesos in his house and 700 thousand dollars in cash, money that, he
said, was destined for “emergencies”.
The young man was very
reserved and vague when asked about his father “El Mencho”, the capo
of the Jalisco Cartel Nueva Generación. It was not easy to see him; he said
that in order to meet his father he had to deal with a whole network of
intermediaries who communicated with him to arrange an appointment.
When was the last time
you saw him? They asked him.
“Three weeks ago,
in the mountains”.
From that last meeting,
he reported that his father scolded him, demanded that he no longer attend
parties because he had become very visible to the authorities, despite the fact
that he was driving only a Dodge Charger and a Yukon van, not as flashy as the
vehicles of other narco-juniors of drug trafficking.
“Well, I think so,
that’s why they captured me,” El Menchito told his captors.

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