LA Sex Crime Investigator Finally Convicted

By. Alexis Giunta

It is one thing when a woman reports her rape and is viciously attacked, denied, and ultimately blamed for what has happened; but it is an entirely different thing when a woman reports her rape and is then raped by the investigator assigned to her initial case. This happened and Los Angeles investigator, Neil David Kimball, has finally been convicted of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl. Despite this, justice is still not served.

This is not the first time though. Kimball was accused of being inappropriate while working as a sex crime detective two other times before this. So let’s unpack this, this man has taken advantage of his role as a detective, has allegedly harassed two other victims, and has admitted to raping the 15-year-old victim (whom remains unnamed). Even the people investigating rapes, are rapists themselves, yes, that is what we are dealing with.

Kimball met with this 15-year-old, to “investigate” her assault. He befriended her and then, raped her. She was assigned to what she thought would be a professional. She believed he would help her with her case. Instead, he manipulated this and used his profession as a sex crime investigator to prey on her.

A person that is responsible for helping these victims, listening to them, comforting them, and most importantly, serving justice, has failed in the most evil, vile way. Kimball, a cold hearted criminal and a danger to society, is assumed to be receiving only three years for his crimes. The next court date is 8 August 2019.

Three years. 156 weeks. 1,095 days. This is not enough.

Kimball pleaded guilty to a lewd act with a child and unlawful sexual intercourse. No one can say for sure what his sentence will be. Although, Kimball will now be a registered sex offender, three years is not enough.

One of the prior alleged victims, Sara Abusheikh, came forward with several accusations against Kimball, a deputy district attorney supposedly told her that Kimball was “ a fine detective”. Abusheikh, wrote about her experience on this very platform, Medium. Her story is chilling. You can read her story in the link below.

The thing is, rapists can be funny people. They can be kind. They can be charming. They can cry, and laugh, and smile. You probably know a rapist. Maybe you’re friends with one, and they have been a great friend for years. You probably know someone who has been raped, so what makes you think you haven’t ever met or befriended a rapist? So when someone comes to you and tells you “______ assaulted me”, do not respond with “but they are a great person!”.

He is a predator at heart, who got off on hearing about rapes, who undermined them and manipulated his victims. He raped a 15-year-old. So I couldn’t give a damn about how good or bad he was in his personal life. He is a criminal and three years is not enough. We need to give women a chance when they come to us, explaining they have been raped. In Abusheikh’s article, she repeatedly states that “justice is not what they tell you,”.

So ask yourself, do you think you know what justice is?


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