The Addictive Abuse of Power and Money

Power and money travel in their own discrete circles, but each overlaps the other by nature. The political class has political class parties and the moneyed class throws their own galas, but the two classes often dine together, drink together, and make deals with each other, allowing their respective feet in the door of the other’s house, and they often intermarry. It’s a big family, but as with big families, there are happy families and unhappy families, depending on time and circumstance and the personalities involved.

Imagine personal acceptance into the American political family on any level after a long effort knocking on doors and kissing babies, OR being ushered into public service as a legacy. You’ve finally achieved city council, mayor, governor, congressperson, senator, President. You have either inherited the esteem of your forebearers OR earned your way into that elite realm occupying high towers of echoing corridors and unlocked doors. It feels good, and it would feel like you deserve it in some way or another.

Alternately, imagine having achieved membership into the big family of the moneyed class. Like the political class, you’ve either been born into it or you’ve made that class your family after an immense effort in the office and the sacrifice of time. You’ve arrived, one way or another, with other people who entertain the same ideas, things, and people you do. You are with your old money and new money family, like them or not.

In the political realm, a thought gradually blossoms. The thought is this: “The police have been wary of giving me traffic tickets because I am important, I know judges, and I make the laws both are sworn to uphold.”

The moneyed realm equivalent is, “My lawyer will totally trounce these public servants in court, and I know judges, so tralala.”

Others …

Political realm: “Everyone around me is deferential to me because I have power and a voice.”

Moneyed realm: “Everyone does what I say because I write the checks.”

Political realm: “My underlings let me get away with impropriety because they enjoy being in proximity to power, and it’s their job to protect me and the party.”

Moneyed realm: “My underlings let me get away with impropriety because they enjoy being in proximity to money, and in addition to them being able to brag about it and feel important, I pay them.”

Political realm: “This power is fun, but I’m not feeling it like the time I got my first injection of power.”

Moneyed realm: “This money is fun, but I want more of the fun money can buy.”

Because the two classes intermingle, they will undoubtedly hear the same talk regarding discerning and trusted cocaine or pill dealers, and choose whether or not to seek them out because they believe — often rightly — they have a good chance of getting away with it. Both the drugs and getting away with it are the addictions that make individuals in these two realms “chase the dragon” of the elite status they each hold.

Perhaps pedophilia among the political and moneyed elite is not so dissimilar. How far can some of them “chase the dragon” allowed by power or money? What’s the next kick they can score that’s better than the last hit as they co-mingle with “untouchables” of the exact opposite caste from the Indian Dalit? When someone feels invincible, she may let her mind wander back to when, as a middle school girl, she craftily, politically created pariahs of the bitch who dated the boy they longed to date. The men may remember the first girl in middle school who grew the first breast buds and thereby became the most lusted-after girl among the other boys in school. And perhaps the long-entrenched perception of invincibility from long-serving politicians and old money already has access to some of those same young boys and girls from the first pubescent days of longing and lust when all people first tasted the drugs of hormonal change and desire.

How far will some of those with power and money go when they can chase their idle lustful musings while protected by the ones at their parties who came upon the same ideas generations ago? It’s my understanding this recent spate of impropriety with minors is new; failing, decadent Rome was full of it, too.

Ignoring the fact that filming the rich and powerful doing indecent things with children is foreign and domestic intelligence gold — in that politicians, princes, and the prosperous own gold, but blackmail owns the politicians, the princes, and the prosperous — have a select few attending these parties with Epstein and Maxwell just common addicts “chasing the dragon,” wanting to feel their power, money, longing, and lust like the very first time they felt it?

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