Everyone can get the same results, in each job.

Here in my opinion: Every science around the world is one club.

Science, in general, is one club of independent developed peaking people.

And kids grow into that stage.

Every professional doing their job well is independent, developed and peaking and helping all depending on this job. And only with the total science, correct, with the codes, with the right steps. Like the club, they belong too within their field. So, you can not be different than all others doing the same job. You can add to the field. But everyone can learn that again, as you add it to field, and science demands you publish your results. And the results have to come from science steps, and according to all the steps. So, again you can not be different, you do can add to the field, and the field can develop and grow, but we all can learn the same.

Every person has a place to the top. On the bottom, not doing science, nor science steps, thus depending, and undeveloped. And the top, doctorates.

In between, you can easily measure where you stand. Your place means you know little: associate. You know enough to be kind of independent with the basics: bachelor. To direct all you know in the basics: master. It also says in what style you direct this basic study. And the doctorate: Ph.D., professor, etc. Where you know all the science of the field where you have this doctorate in.

Still, you always depend on are you knowing really all? How far is the field? From what source did you learn? The best? Is this university knowing all? The best things?

And, you depend on do you add in the field? And the important things? Innovations? Is it a revolution? Is it helping people to the truth? Does the field now know scientific laws? Or is the field still not far? A doctorate in a new study, can not always know all, yet.

Studies are development. Together, we develop each field, but from the level, we know.

Science steps all done the same.

  • Observing
  • Wondering
  • Questioning
  • Thesis
  • Research thesis
  • Hypothesis

(and share results of the research thesis and experiments)

We learn with Age, and with study/ sophisticated input.

(1) Depending stage

  • Born depending, observing, sensing.
  • Learn to wonder, and questioning.
  • Create opinions, thesis.


Add science, in the process of sensing, and in the processing of sensations in the working memory, and memory. Research on the thesis. Addressing the thesis to the research thesis. Addressing thoughts to most sophisticated ideas.


All research leads to an idea, an answer to questions in step 1 and 2, hypothesis. This must be true, but to know it is true, we test with an experiment.

We then share results. If not true, we question again, and find more research, and create a new hypothesis. We check where these results stand within the scientific laws. Did we find one? Is this just a theory? We keep doing research and hypothesis and experiment until we find the scientific law, then what we found is true, and we have found a formula.

(2) Independence stage

Here, at this stage, we can take care of all depending, at the peak of our lives, when we are independent.

(3) Depending again.

When we get old, we depend again on the people that peak.

Crime is related to low literacy.

You can see why criminals and low IQ are easily the same. They don know enough, are not independent, but ungrown thinking they are, while not. They depend, and low IQ can become professor. Harder tasks on our own pace create a higher IQ. Higher education solves the crime.

We always need sophisticated input to not be in crime.

We always need an authoritative raising/ approach to not create DSM. All other raising styles cause DSM.

Good input is the technique, the style, and the level of input.


Hachmer, J. (30th of November, 2019) Protect families: Now we know how to solve DSM and Crime, we need to build safe places around the parents. So no one can use them. Medium. Retrieved from

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