Rape Most Foul – craig rory lombardi, bronx born

attending school with fortune’s fool

Photo by James Rajaste on Unsplash

homicidal pedophile sexual offender
a seedy bunch one might lose one’s lunch
or embark on an alcohol bender

now I’m a cop and I don’t stop until I find the filthy
terminators perpetrators
and prove that they are guilty

in L.A. County Hollywood I met Axelrod Bluster
a wayward perv with too much nerve
and the attitude of Armstrong Custer

women were the unfortunate lot on whom he plied his bravery
lives destroyed abused used toyed
and other forms of slavery

now this sick bastard if I had my way I’d get him a lobotomy
’cause he’d unwind from his daily grind
with a bit of rape and sodomy

and so my squad went about the task of apprehending ghouls
we had to forage through our storage
of nasty ghastly fools

it just so happened a femme came forward and reported her attack
quite a pearl a helluva girl
I swore I’d have her back

well thus I busted that pile o mustard I threw him in the can
put him in his place spat in his face
that less than half a man

Axelrod disturbs my pod he tarnishes my stars
I’d screw his rights put out his lights
right through the friggin bars

he hired a fancy lawyer of course to handle his crummy case
who played the symp for that goddam pimp
with the sweaty swollen face

Axelrod’s counsel stood in a court where women are treated like skanks
with the dirty bile of a lousy trial
where all the males close ranks

a jury made up of mostly men and wouldn’t it be our luck
a lawyer’s part ripped through the girl’s heart
they acquitted that rotten fuck

Axelrod got off easily and I hate to burst your bubble
I’d have taken a crack at castrating his filthy sack
but I would have gotten in trouble

But that’s the way the cookie crumbles in a distorted legal system
cookie-crumblings assorted rumblings
I don’t even want to list ‘em

© Craig Rory Lombardi 2019

Craig Rory Lombardi was born and raised in New York City. A beatnik, a hippie, he spent half his life in California (San Francisco, West Hollywood); eight years near Taos, NM. A musician, oil painter, writer, and quarter-horse associate, Craig is an advocate for everything sixties; proper rights to proper people. Hedonist; Libertarian; Feminist.

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